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Grammar and punctuation

It detects grammar and punctuation mistakes – basic to advanced. real-time suggestions and guidelines

Plagiarism checker

It is the feature of the premium version; it makes your content writing unique. If you copy-paste any content from other websites or unintentionally do this, this tool makes sure your writing is free from copying.

Vocabulary Enhancement

Great words have the charm to steal someone’s attention. It is really a brilliant feature of Grammarly, and if you are using the same vocabs in your content. They suggest some other synonyms of that word. By doing this, your content looking very engaging and extraordinary.


This Grammarly feature exhibits data regarding the bit of literature like the number of letters, words, paragraphs, characters, sentences, etc.

Proofreading software

It has the power to rewrite your sentence in a short and easy form. If found any spelling mistake, error, and also catch the repeated words. It makes it easy to read and understand for readers.

Spelling check

When you have fast writing, then you might be a mistake in text spellings. But don’t you worry because it has its feature to correct the spelling with great accuracy. It marks red underlines into your wrong spelling and suggests correct spelling in blue.

Easy to Use

This software is pretty easy to use. It detects your error directly by the login. There is no need for technical jargon at all

It is one of the best and popular grammar checkers. Rather than using Microsoft Word and different text editor for finding grammar errors,

Active Support system

If users have any issues regarding this tool or different writing topics, they can get help anytime. They have an excellent active support system.

Online Grammar Check for Everything You Write

Think of all the places you write online every day: Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and dozens of other sites. With Grammarly’s writing app, you can check grammar in real time as you type on almost any website — no copying or pasting required.

More Than a Grammar Checker

Whether you’re a native English speaker or just beginning to learn, English grammar can be confusing. But proper grammar isn’t the only thing you need to think about. Have you ever sent off an important email only to realize moments later that you forgot to run spell check and missed a mistake in the very first line? Do you struggle with apostrophes or spend way too long trying to identify the correct place to use a comma? Even if you’re confident in your grasp of English grammatical rules, it’s easy to mistype when you’re writing fast and concentrating on your ideas.

Grammarly is more than a grammar check, more than a spell check, and more than a punctuation corrector. It’s a comprehensive writing tool that helps you write clear, flawless text that will impress your readers. With Grammarly, you’ll build writing skills while you’re correcting grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes as well as sentence structure problems, misused words, typos, and more.

Why Use Grammarly’s Writing Tool?

Good writing is for everyone. Whether you’re working on an essay, a blog post, or an important email, presenting your ideas with clear, correct language makes a big impression on your reader. When the stakes are high, a grammar corrector can be a lifesaver. But with all the grammar checking tools available, it’s critical to pick one that you can rely on to catch mistakes every time.

Grammarly’s products run on a sophisticated AI system built to analyze English sentences. Unlike other tools (most spell checkers, for instance) that rely on a rigid set of rules, Grammarly takes context into account when making corrections or suggestions. This means that when you write “affect” but you meant “effect,” Grammarly will let you know that you spelled the word right but used it in the wrong context.

Better Writing Everywhere With Grammarly

Grammarly has a tool for just about every kind of writing you do. The online grammar checker is perfect for users who need a quick check for their text. Try the online editor for checking longer papers and essays, the iOS or Android app for mobile writing, and the browser extension to make sure your writing is clear and mistake-free on any website.

When you create a Grammarly account, you’ll be able to select your preferred English dialect, add words to your personal dictionary, and check your text from anywhere. Plus, you’ll receive weekly updates about your vocabulary, productivity, and top mistakes, so you can track your improvement over time.